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EV, bio-cars speeding toward recognition

The government is preparing to kick off its long-delayed etha-nol blending program, which will run concurrently with efforts to boost the domestic electric-vehicle (EV) industry so that it can fully ban the sale of conventional, fossil-fueled cars by 2040. The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has issued Decree No. 12/2015 that sets the minimum blending percentage for ethanol in gasoline used in various sectors. Nonetheless, there has been no fuel-grade ethanol production in Indonesia because of price volatility and insufficient demand. At present, 14 plants with a combined annual capacity of 408,000 kiloliters produce ethanol for the medical industry, cosmetics and exports. Furthermore, only three of those plants have the capacity to produce fuel-grade ethanol of around 100,000 kiloliters per year. Therefore, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry plans to discuss the scheme to boost the use of bioethanol in the transportation sector with the Transportation Ministry, the Indonesian Automotive Manufacturers Association (Gaikindo) (THE JAKARTA POST)