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Indonesia to challenge US anti-dumping duty on biodiesel (TRADE DISPUTE):

Indonesia is seeking to challenge a preliminary antidumping duty imposed by the United States on its palm oil biodiesel in a move to maintain access to the worlds largest energy market On Monday the US Commerce Department began levying a 50.71 percent duty on Indonesian biodiesel following its initial finding that the product had been sold at unfair prices and hurt US producers. The department also set similar duties on soybean-based biodiesel from Argentina. The Trade Ministrys foreign trade director general Oke Nur-wan said on Tuesday that Indonesia would take issue with the US and file its own price calculations. Indonesias Biofuel Producers Association (Aprobi) chairman Paulus Tjakrawan said the group would gather its members next week to discuss the next step it would take following the VS move. It would also anticipate the result of the US investigation and be prepared to take necessary actions, including filing an appeal at the US Court of International Trade or the World Trade Organization (WTO), he added. “We will need to agree unani- mously on what measures [should be taken] in a meeting next week.” Paulus said. The US Commerce Department is scheduled to announce the final result of its antidumping probe on Jan. 3. US Secretary of Commerce Wil-bur Ross said in a statement on Monday that the imposition of the punitive tariffs on Indonesias and Argentinas biodiesel showed the US commitment to defend its interests. (THE JAKARTA POST)