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RI to fight back against EU over palm oil:

• RI to fight back against EU over palm oil: ln response to a recent European Parliament resolution to reduce the use of palm oil for environmental reasons and a string of smear campaigns conducted by European NGOs that suggest that palm oil substances are detrimental to human health, Indonesia is planning a slew of retaliatory measures. The EU parliament demanded in April that the bloc gradually reduce the use of vegetable oils, including palm oil, that are not sustainably produced in biodiesel production, in a bid to reduce deforestation. Indonesia is the worlds largest producer of palm oil. (THE JAKARTA POS)

• RIs 2017 biodiesel use indicates slowdown: Indonesias unblended biodiesel consumption is expected to come in at 2.53 million kiloliters (kl) this year, said Dono Boestami, the chief executive of the Indonesia Estate Crop Fund, a government agency that oversees consumption of the fuel. The annual figure would indicate a slowdown in consumption compared with the first half of the year, based on previous go%ern-ment data. Indonesias unblended biodiesel use was at 1.67 million kl in the first half of 2017, reported Indonesias New and Renewable En-erg} Director General in August. (THE JAKARTA POST)