Alternative Energy for The Solution of Better Future Generations

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The finding of renewable and new alternative energy has been on the top priority of almost every country in the world. The reason is simply because the earth and its environment are known to worsen every day. One of the main reasons is because the usage of fossil fuel, which has been used for such a long time, has damaged our environment. Due to putting the effort in maintaining the environment, we must find an alternative energy that is renewable and more eco-friendly.

Since 2008, the government of Republic Indonesia has started to implement the biodiesel fuel program where it is proved that the biodiesel may reduce the gas emission significantly, compared to the conventional solar-based fuel. However, the implementation that was attempted by Indonesian government, had faced some obstacles in the process. One of many obstacles was to keep up with the latest technology in producing biodiesel.

Despite many obstacles in the process in attempting to implement a more eco-friendly fuel, currently the government has been improving the quality and the amount of utilization by setting a mandatory regulation of the usage of B30. B30 is a mixture of 30% biodiesel and solar fuel, where the more biodiesel mixture used, the more gas emission will be reduced. APROBI as the organization of Indonesian biodiesel producers, is fully supporting biodiesel producers companies to contribute to the Indonesian government program.

Indonesia is known for its large production of the biodiesel product. However, there are still some limitations to maximize the production rate. One of the issues that could be improved is the distribution line between the upstream, on-farm sector, and the downstream, or simply the distribution line from the beginning until the end. If these issues can be solved in the future, without doubt Indonesia could improve their contribution in exporting this eco-friendly fuel globally, which obviously will also strengthen the national balance of trade. Aside from that, it can also give benefits to the environment as well as for the better quality of people’s life.

Based on the research of European Commission Joint Research Centre, biodiesel that are made from palm oil has the most effective in reducing the gas emission, as much as 62%. Reflecting from the fact that Indonesia is the main producer of palm oil-based biodiesel, it will be a good sign for the country to keep improving the quality of the biodiesel, as Indonesia through its state-owned enterprise Pertamina, aims to begin producing the B100 at the year of 2024. This high hopes for the benefit of everyone, should be supported by every individuals for the better future generations.