APROBI Contributions to Indonesia

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Indonesia Biofuel Producers Association, or shortened as APROBI, is a forum that is compiled by 25 biofuel producers all over Indonesia. Among these producers, we may find quite common biofuel companies such as PT. Sinarmas Bio Energy and PT. Wilmar Bioenergi Indonesia. However, all these twenty-five companies are all aiming at the same vision. Therefore, to provide a better future for the future, the environment, and Indonesia.

APROBI tries to encourage the public to utilize biodiesel fuel, instead of conventional solar fuel. APROBI as an organization is always welcome any companies in Indonesia, to have an eco-friendly initiative, together creating impact for a better future.

The Indonesian government currently has set a regulation that all gas stations and any industry that uses Diesel oil has to follow the Biodiesel Mandatory Program by installing biofuel with a minimum of B30, a 20% of a mixture of biofuel. This government regulation is aligned with what APROBI vision, therefore, APROBI contributes to the government idealism in implementing an eco-friendly fuel for diesel engines, where it was known to have a very poor effect on the air quality.

As can be seen in the biodiesel data that we provide, the production and the distribution of biofuel in Indonesia keep increasing every year. It began in 2009 where the production of biofuel reached only 190,000 kilolitres, distributed 119,000 kilolitres, and exported as much as 70,000 kilolitres. It keeps growing by a significant amount every year, where eventually it reached 8,399,144 kilolitres of production, distributed 6,392,645 kilolitres, and exported 1,319,428. This is evidence of APROBI’s effort in supporting government regulation by providing an eco-friendly biofuel, to replace conventional solar fuel.

Besides providing eco-friendly biodiesel, APROBI also regularly initiates activities to support the local community. One of the activities that APROBI has supported in the past was a program named ‘APROBI Care’. APROBI Care is a program initiated by APROBI to support people within the local community, such as providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to fight the Covid-19 in Madiun, East Java. APROBI tries to contribute in every aspect to support Indonesia as a country, from a small-scale project to a large-scale project.

However, sometimes the government policy does not always align with the mission of APROBI to preserve the country’s air quality. Through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), the government recently decided to postpone the regulation of increasing the biodiesel quality of the mixture, from the B30 to become B40. This is due to the Covid-19 pandemic, where it affected the global palm oil prices, as it will also impact the cost of the new government regulation if it will be implemented this year. Although this initiative to be postponed, APROBI as an organization that fully supports the perseverance of the environment is always ready to support the government’s needs to implement eco-friendly energy, for the future generation.