Biofuels for the Future

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Countries around the globe, including Indonesia, are still dependent on fossil fuels, such as crude oil, coal, and natural gas as the main energy resources. Although, these three resources are not yet confirmed to be available in the future, as it is not a renewable energy. At one point, fossil fuels certainly will meet to an end, as there are more sustainable resources available.

One way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and its negative effect of emission on the environment is to develop alternative energy resources which are renewable and eco-friendly.

Biofuels as an Eco-friendly Alternative Energy Resource

One type of alternative energy that is frequently developing these days is biomass. This energy resource is absolutely renewable, as it is made of organic waste, such as plants, animals, crop waste and more. The usage of biomass could also offer a positive contribution to the mother earth and the environment. Biomass has derivatives that also include renewable fuels, namely biofuels. Biofuels can be formed into solid, liquid, and gas.

Application of Biofuels

Biofuels often become an alternative for transportation fuels. However, biofuels could also be utilized for every human need. The application of biofuels are:

  • Transportation: car, bus, motorcycle, train, aircraft, and water vehicle.
  • Power Plants: electronic tools that need electricity to apply, such as a street light, a household electronic, etc.
  • Heater: electric stove, and other kitchen tools. 

Potential of Biofuels in Indonesia

Biofuels might become a promising alternative energy for the future and have a large potential to be developed in Indonesia. As we already know, Indonesia is an agricultural country, where it possesses a huge amount of raw material for manufacturing biofuels, such as trees and plants to be utilized. Another resource in Indonesia that can be beneficial for manufacturing biofuels is palm oil, as it plays a very important part by absorbing carbon emission in the air and earth’s atmosphere. The quality of the environment is indeed in the good hand.

In terms of working labor in Indonesia, this developing progression may also bring new job opportunities to those who need it. This is also to ensure Indonesia’s commitment to take action regarding sustainable development.