Get to Know: An Organization Where Indonesian Biofuel’s Producers Gathers

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The benefits of renewable energy sources (RES) for the sake of better environmental quality, has no longer been limited by only an agenda. Countries throughout the globe, including Indonesia, have been developing biomass as an alternative energy, in an effort to reduce the dependability of the use of fossil-based fuel. This can be seen from the appearance of biodiesel and bioethanol industry players who have begun to show up in regular circumstances today. Therefore, to support the development of RES to be more effective, the Association of Indonesian Biofuels Producers (APROBI) is formed.

Formed at the end of 2016, APROBI consists of the producers of biodiesel and bioethanol has one purpose to support the government’s vision by developing and utilizing eco-friendly biofuels to be the new main fuels. Until today, APROBI has always been working together with the government as well as other stakeholders to attempt the development of biofuels in Indonesia and to strive in the international forums.

While attempting to progress the grand purpose, Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution have always been the foundation along with its amendment.

Purpose and Intention

APROBI has always been committed to reaching objectives and purposes that have been agreed upon. Objectives and purposes of APROBI to support the government in developing the biofuels are:

  1. Gathering biofuels industry companies within the nation.
  2. Uniting the stakeholders of the biofuels industry in Indonesia to strengthen the economic resilience, as the result to increase the financial capabilities of the public, and as a country.
  3. To be the central government and state government’s partner in order to construct policy to strengthen the competitiveness in the local and international market.

APROBI friends may follow the official social media account of APROBI (Instagram:, Facebook:, and Twitter: @aprobi_id) to receive more updates related to the utilization, application and development of biomass, bioenergy, biofuels in Indonesia, as well as rest of the world.

With APROBI, let’s support the utilization of new energy for the future to create a better environment quality.