Renewable Energy Mapping In Indonesia

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Everywhere in the world is striving to innovate new ways of innovation technology in facing new global change. Change of culture, lifestyle and technology. Sun is one of the limitless resources, add up with fossil fuels that are non renewable energy fuel and from the bowels of the Earth such as crude oil, coals, electricity and more.

Indonesia actually has plenty of opportunistic potential in renewable energy. In fact Indonesia has 417,8 Gigawatt of the following renewable energy, yet only 10,4 W or 2,5% so far that has been used. They consist of Ocean, geothermal, Bioenergy, wind power plant, Hydro (water), and Solar.

Indonesia itself already has a generous affluence, which requires us to dig and study deeper to optimize the resources. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif in Katadata Future Energy Tech and Innovation 2021 said that the Government has mapped particular districts that have potential resources of renewable energy. The districts are located in the East and South region of Indonesia that wield the highest radiation from the Sun, such as East Nusa Tenggara.

Unfortunately in Indonesia those who use the benefit of renewable energy are still too little and seem neglected. Many people still use non renewable energy as one energy they depend on. In fact renewable energy had climbed down to at least 90% cheaper than non-renewable energy. It is unlike coal that it will not likely to lower its price since it has certain technology in the first place. When other countries compete to make good use of renewable energy, Indonesia frankly closed one of the renewable energy industries. It caused Indonesia to be left behind when it comes to use of renewable energy. Indonesia has just developed and built solar energy with energy production approximately 80-130 MW, whereas in Germany they have 40 GW of energy production. Meanwhile, Sun radiation in Indonesia is still two times more than in Germany.

Using geothermal is still risky in terms of location to drill over and it would be too long to wait for about 7 years to be able to be used after 7 years. Besides it would threaten the environmental ecosystem itself because it is mostly located in the forest therefore we need to look for another renewable energy source to use from. Though in some cases the benefits of renewable energy implementation are still expensive. With hopes more people would want to change to using renewable energy in any form. 

Indonesia is located in the equator and the Sun has to be one of the major renewable energies along with Hydro, geothermal, bioenergy, wind plant, solar and ocean. Government has prepared a few steps to develop renewable energy further and utilization to be competitive. By making new regulations and attracting investors from both national and international. It’s never too late to start from now.