The Origin of Biodiesel

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God created the Earth with the whole living and its life matter to be utilized in one’s life existence. One of the fuels energy which is Sun’s Energy source that is fossil energy derived from bowels of the earth. Also consisting of coals, petroleum and more that we discover on a daily basis. The more they’re used the more it increases by the years of use, which would cause the reduction of deposit fuels that’s kept based on Earth’s mines. Possibly the energy fossil fuels deposit would not withstand in fifty years of the future.

Biodiesel is made primarily from vegetable oil such as soybean oil, rapeseed/canola oil and palm oil to a lesser extent from other plants. It is commonly advocated as environmentally friendly fuel. We would bereave electricity power plants and other non-renewable energy. We could imagine if we experience depletion of non-renewal fuels, it impacts how we survive the living by being unable to cook and experiencing power loss. The usage of fossil fuels in Indonesia has been something plenty in quotidian use. The effect of non-renewal fuel impacts global warming, it troubles climate, weather, atmosphere, aerial quality, increasing heat, wellness to the living and more can be mentioned.

The usage of non-renewal fuel affects the carbon emission disposal, which is also a part of the issue, the more carbon emission it releases the more it damages every system on Earth. Yet still many underestimate the impact of it, too much greenhouses pollute the atmosphere and it would impact climate as a whole:

  1. A warmer climate is expected to both increase the risk of heat related illnesses and deaths and increase types of air pollution.
  2. More severe heat waves, floods and droughts are expected in warmer climates and may reduce crop yields.
  3. Sea level rise could erode and inundate coastal ecosystems and eliminate wetlands.
  4. Climate change can alter species life and how they interact and which could fundamentally transform current ecosystems.

It’s a necessity for people to begin to use biodiesel to reduce the risks before things get worse by using non-renewal fuels. It’s required to innovate new steps to use environmentally friendly fuel for saving the Earth, even from very little start. One small thing could begin then it would influence the others to follow and become a habit. Industries and manufacturers too must use as little possible carbon emission to prevent over-waste over the air. In accordance with Dedi “Mi’ing” Gumelar remarks that Earth’s heat is increasing caused by massive exploitation all over the world and the use of power and productions such as for vehicles and other industrial machines. Those produce severe carbon emission that causes pollutants over the atmosphere

With a vision to accumulate biofuel companies, incorporate other industrial biofuels all over Indonesia to become a force in the nation, increasing opulence in society for Indonesia, APROBI intends to be associated with biodiesel companies for effective and significant development of the Government’s program in the usage of Biodiesel nationwide, and possibly worldwide.