Aprobi Commitment in Supporting Green Energy

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Fossil fuels has been one of the center most used resources for over centuries. That has become a pedestal for all mobility in terms of the economic wheel that runs in every part of the world. Not only when it comes to the economy, it has become a lifestyle and habit of how it revolves around us and to think we are very much depending on fossil fuel till we realize that we are running out of it.

However, fossil fuels also have drawbacks since it has caused damage to the Earth. Such as highly polluted air quality, higher temperature rise, the sea rises, animal extinction caused by damaged ecosystems, severe climate change, ozone atmosphere erosion, unstable weather, unhealthy environment natural catastrophes, contaminated sea water, extinction species, amount of industrial waste and more. It all comes down from high carbon emission that is dominating the whole world.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable fuel that will not renew itself, because it has got through centuries of sedimentation which the more getting used the more it will run out in no time. We need to start it by developing the technology and new regulations in order to transition in changing to renewable energy movement.

Non-renewable energy are the ones from the deep bowels of Earth and its very limited in the long run, whereas renewable energy are the ones kept renewing from the surface, it comes from what we grow and preserve to be proceed for usable mobility. Renewable energy tends to be more environmentally friendly such as less carbon emission and pollution towards the Earth. 

APROBI is fully supports the Government’s program in developing and using biofuels as renewable energy. APROBI was established in 2005 by small numbers of Biodiesel and Bioethanol producers. The association main goal is to work together with Government to develop and promote this renewable energy within Indonesia and also in the international scope.

We thoroughly put our commitment into green energy for escalating the affluence in Indonesia to maintain our land and the world to be a better place to live. We live in the equator and have endless resources. We can save the world by starting little steps like change to new regulation and technology that involve any fuel usage. Our hope is to heal the world. It is never too late to begin. Green energy or we mostly say eco friendly would cost cheaper than the ones we usually use like fossil petroleum and fuels. Renewable energy would keep regenerating new energy and fuel from time to time, it will be less fuel waste and less carbon emission. At this transition we need to accept it with an open heart with a new mindset. Let’s save the world by implementing Green energy, for a better future



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