Biofuels and The Future Energy in Indonesia.

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In the modern world we tend to use energy to keep mobilities going and survive. Every life depends on the Earth’s energy from transportation, electricity, and public facilities. Fossil energy has been used for centuries which caused massive global warming and destructive impact on life and the extinction of some animal or plant species. Global warming has caused air quality derivation, polluted atmosphere, nature damage, temperature increasing, capriciousness weather and melting glaciers which cause ocean rises per centimetres each year, this all predisposes every living aspect on how to prevent from getting worse in many years to come.

One of the ways to minimise the damage is to make use of Biofuels. What is Biofuels? It is derived from biomass that is plant based, algae material and animal waste. It is considered as renewable energy and more environmentally friendly for the living. ‘Bio’ is used to depict the organic nature of this fuel source. Some of the best plants used in biofuel extraction include palm oil, corn, soy, sunflower, sorghum, and wheat.

Biofuels consist of various types, Wood, biogas, biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, and butanol. Wood is the most basic form of fuel that is derived from organic matter. Trees as well as plants provide biomass burned for fuel in the forms of firewood, sawdust, chips, charcoal and pellets. Biogas is a gaseous form from biofuel, it burns likely natural gas and for this reason is slowly yet steadily taking its place. It’s mainly composed of methane gas produced through anaerobic breakdown process of biomass.

Amongst centuries energy usage in Indonesia, biofuel certainly would help the future to conserve energy and save the world. In the time being, fossil energy will dwindle possibly not in 50 years. Every living requires energy as their life sources from energy and water (Hydro) or anything based on biofuel. We experience the earth’s heat rises since ozone layers above the atmosphere are eroded by greenhouse effects which are impactful on human’s wellness.

It’s time Indonesia must take a step ahead to change the paradigm of how we see the world by slowly detaching or mitigating requirements from energy fossils to biofuel. In accordance with Dedy Mi’ing Gumelar, this policy needs to be taken seriously not only remain probation. Indonesia owns unlimited resources which would be beneficial for enormous assets in terms of growth of biofuel energy. In addition to this, scientists and institutions must strive to provide new innovation to save the Earth and humans from environmental havoc and fossil energy depletion which has been a necessity for humans and living. Therefore, the Earth would and could be saved for many years in future.

APROBI supports the Government’s program in development and using Biofuel as renewable fuel energy, simultaneously supports partner companies that are based on Biofuels and biodiesels, to strive for development in Indonesia and contend with International forums. Assist of development with the amount of support in maintaining Biofuel and biodiesel usage for which Aprobi preserves the future from now on.